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First elected to the West Virginia House of Delegates in 2014. Tom is using his common sense experiences of growing up on a farm, and his decades of experience as an attorney to help formulate and pass solid legislation. Outside Charleston, Tom has worked hard for flood victims and for our troubled education systems. Tom believes in Godly principles and a limited government. Tom is a true conservative.

Fast Facts...


I voted to eliminate "cap and trade" in WV (passed). I voted to eliminate 56¢ per ton sur-tax on coal (passed). I am proud to be endorsed by the WV Coal Association.


Having grown up on a farm, I know the value of our farmers. I’ve worked hard to preserve farmers’ property rights, both mineral and surface, and against power grabbing regulations. I am proud to be endorsed by the WV Farm Bureau.


I voted to repeal unnecessary regulations by the scores (passed). The goal is to review state regulations and repeal all that are not essential.


I voted for ten pro-jobs bills in 2016 alone (passed), laying a foundation for economic growth.


I have a 100% 2nd Amendment voting record. I strongly support the right of the people to keep and bare arms for self protection and recreation. I’m a long time member of the NRA. I am pleased to be indorsed by the NRA and CDL.


I helped pass more than 10 bills dealing with drugs (treatment expansion, pain clinic reform, testing for welfare, etc.)


I have a 100% pro-life voting record. I helped pass the Unborn Child Protection Dismemberment Act (overrode veto), and Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (overrode veto). I will persistently fight for the God given right to life for innocent unborn children. I am proud to be endorsed by WV for Life.


I will continue to defend our freedoms and resist attempts to use the force of law to make people live and work contrary to their faith.


I helped pass multiple bills to improve our education in WV.


I voted multiple times to fully fund PEIA (passed).


I was instrumental in passage of a bill for low interest loans to the tourism industry.


I am pleased to be indorsed by the WV Nurses Association.

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